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Spiral Stairs

Duvinage will furnish any custom spiral staircase to your specifications and local codes and assure your satisfaction! Our designs have been used by the most renowned architects.

Duvinage metal spiral stairs are ideal for lofts, attics, deck stairs and a multitude of other applications. We offer limitless tread and rail options, 100's of finish options that are limited only by your imagination!

Whether you are seeking a contemporary spiral staircase in steel or aluminum, or one with classic wood finishes, Duvinage has the perfect spiral staircase for you!

Spiral Staircase Product Lines

The Baltimore and Other 175 Spiral Stairs

The most cost effective of our custom spiral staircase line! This design is of sturdy construction and the clean lines make an attractive industrial or residential installation.

The Boston and Other 220 Spiral Stairs

Treads and platforms are flanged on this spiral staircase for maximum head room and stability. Legs are welded to the treads and platforms for additional rigidity. Available in both diamond plate and smooth plate material.

The Classic and Other 135 Spiral Stairs

The open-air grace of a cantilever spiral staircase with its floating suspended appearance adds distinction to the Classic.

The Memphis and Other 165 Spiral Stairs

This spiral staircase is perfect for the family, featuring carpet-wrapped tread ideal for the child or pet conscientious home. It provides a safe, non-slip surface and is typically matched with wood railings.

The Miami and Other 410 Spiral Stairs

The Miami offers the sleekest of tread designs and a narrow profile. This spiral staircase is available with numerous tread surfaces such as, stone, wood or glass.

The New Yorker and Other 141 Spiral Stairs

The New Yorker has been the most popular Duvinage spiral staircase for decades, featuring contoured treads support webbing. A very popular option is to add wood tread coverings and handrail in virtually any species available.

The Park City

The Park City is our premium wood spiral staircase. Each tread is integrated seamlessly into the radius of the center pole. It is honed like a fine piece of furniture with a beautiful closed riser design. A meticulously crafted band stringer and integrated railing system wraps the outside radius of this beautifully honed piece.

The San Antonio and Other 251 Spiral Stairs

The San Antonio spiral staircase design is of sturdy construction and has clean lines. It accepts many tread types including stone, glass, grating, wood, abrasive and many other options.

The San Francisco and Other 111 Spiral Stairs

The San Francisco has a sleek straight web design. Beautify your interior living with this spiral staircase and your choice of over 250 finish options and your choice of virtually any species of wood.

The Sarasota

The Sarasota is a continuous welded aluminum spiral staircase. Treads are welded directly to the center pole requiring no assembly. The tread design has a clean look which includes a closed end on the tread. Tread and riser cut out designs or company logos can be added to specialize your stair.

The Stalworth and Other 201 Spiral Stairs

The Stalworth has an elegant spiral staircase design with legs that are welded to the treads and platforms for additional rigidity.

The Stowe

The Stowe model has an elegant design with treads that are layered into the center pole structure of the stair. This spiral staircase is the most open of our designs featuring an open riser.

The Telluride

The Telluride features a layered tread design into the center pole structure and an exquisite railing design. The balusters terminate into the top of a wide ban board stringer that hugs the exact radius of your treads and into the bottom of the handrail; the result is inspiring. This spiral staircase features an open riser design.

The Vail

The Vail features a layered tread design into the center pole structure and a more rustic railing design. The Vail offers balusters that are attached outboard of the railing and stringer for a more rustic feel. This spiral staircase features an open riser design.

Custom Spiral Stairs

If our standard line of custom spiral stairs isn't quite enough for you, let your imagination run wild and our craftsmen will make it reality!

Spiral Stair Design Options


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