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Duvinage is a leading manufacturer of custom metal stairs since 1895. The company was founded by Pierre Duvinage, who patented the first spiral metal staircase in the United States. From spiral stairs to straight egress stairs to the most sophisticated circular stairs in the world, we fabricate stairs that are renowned for architectural integrity and superior engineering.

Duvinage, complete with its Sharon Stairs division, is the only American company capable of engineering and fabricating every type of metal stair, providing a single point of contact for architects, general contractors, and miscellaneous metal subcontractors.

Interested in seeing how we do it? How It's Made featured Duvinage in a recent episode as skilled craftsmen fabricated a steel spiral stair with wood treads and handrail. View on demand at Science Channel.

A Key Bridge Company

Duvinage is a proud member of the Key Bridge family of companies. Key Bridge Partners is a private company consisting of world-class manufacturing and service companies.

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