Sharon Stairs Drop-In Stair Systems

The Construction Industry's System of Choice

More and more architects, contractors and fabricators are switching to Sharon Drop-in™ Stairs when the application is egress and safety to meet codes. Why? Because it doesn't make much sense to specify and install custom site-built stairs when Sharon Stairs can be designed and fabricated offsite in a quality-controlled environment. Building project budgets can be better allocated elsewhere.

That's why you need Sharon Stairs. The Sharon Stairs stairway system and its installation simplicity are based on design and manufacturing specialization with benefits for the building owner, architect, contractor and fabricator. Sharon Stairs has become the sensible choice for hotels, motels, arenas, stadiums, schools, government buildings and other commercial construction.

Top 7 Reasons Sharon Stairs are Selected

1. Quick and Easy Installation

Installation is quick and easy because fabricators can work from outside in, and adjust to accommodate any misalignment. Special tread designs can also eliminate concrete work and minimize site cleanup.

2. On-Time Schedule

Our Drop-In™ Stairs can be delivered to the job site in segments to meet construction schedules and can be erected quickly to give early floor-to-floor access for construction craftsmen.

3. Infinite Possibilities

Featuring a wide range of construction and component options. We offer flexible tread, riser, stringer and handrail selection to meet functional requirements, budgets, aesthetics, and building codes.

4. Pre-Engineered

Pre-engineered structural modules for stringers, landing frames, connections, etc. and standard components for railing styles.

5. Code-Compliant and ADA Accessible

Surpass building codes and meet ADA accessibility requirements.

6. Depth of Experience

Fabricated using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods through specialized fixtures, simplified metal bending and press work, and Lisp programming for production of stair details. Our craftmanship makes the difference!

7. Exceptional Value

Sharon Stairs’ Drop-In Systems offer a bottom line benefit of 30-40% less overall, compared to site-built, plans, and spec stairs.

Learn about Tread Designs, Rail Options, and Code Compliance