Sharon Stairs Resources and Tools

For Architects

With expertise in the early stages of design development, we offer the appropriate process in determining critical dimensioning, applicable code requirements, and functional solutions to a variety of egress system issues.

We assist with written specifications including stair details, drawings and bid documents. We are experts in adapting standard stair drawings and converting them to Drop-In™ configurations. We know the dimensional requirements between concrete/steel and stairway connection points, so there is minimum adjustment on the job site. We also work with a team of structural engineers to provide you with certification of stairway load handling capability.

Our stairway details are produced in precise Auto CAD-generated drawings to minimize potential issues when the building team interacts. Our technical service and support ensures that every job meets your requirements. Sharon Stairs helps to alleviate any confusion in meeting the codes and performance requirements associated with today's complex building designs.

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For General Contractors

When it comes to steel fabrication, Sharon Stairs delivers the egress stair system with the quality and timing to fit tight construction schedules. We get the trades walking sooner on the construction site because installation can be timed so the stairs go in just one floor behind the concrete forms. This approach helps to minimize material handling problems on the job site.

For Steel Fabricators

We provide a functional stairway system, which installs easily and is competitively priced. Sharon Stairs helps you top out your frames faster, because no temporary egress is required and this keeps your insurance liabilities at a minimum. We simplify installation with complete erection drawings, including a detailed Stair Erection Manual. Through proper scheduling and client service, we identify critical job flow issues early in the process to assure that delivery of the stairs meets the required timetable. Sharon Stairs saves you time. We're the logical answer to your steel stair needs.

For Building Owners

We understand that because form follows function, you don't have to get fancy in the stairwell. That's why we help building owners define the requirements for stairs that will meet all necessary performance functions and then closely coordinate delivery to meet construction schedules. Our Drop-In Stair™ systems provide value, durability and ease of maintenance for the life of the building structure. You receive stairs built on time with the highest industry quality, and a system that is durable, easy to maintain, safe, and attractive.