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Steel, Glass & Mahogany Spiral Stair, Idea Book | 2023
Magnificent Duvinage multilevel spiral stair with glass panel rail and mahogany treads and platforms featured in special issue Idea Book of Home & Design Magazine, January 2023. Architecture: McInturff Architects.

Treehouse's Duvinage Spiral Stair Kit in USA TODAY | 2022
Sleek Duvinage Chicago Black Spiral Stair Kit with a custom platform winds up this luxury treehouse resort in Michigan.

Duvinage Miami Spiral Stair, Coolest Home Detail | 2022
Washingtonian Coolest Home Design Awards features the magnificent Duvinage multilevel spiral stair with glass panel rail and mahogany treads and platforms.

Duvinage Spiral Stair in Residential Design Case Study | 2022
A deep dive is taken into the wondrous library housing 10,000 books and one magnificent Duvinage multilevel spiral stair with glass panel rail and mahogany treads and platforms. Architecture: McInturff Architects.

Employee Celebrates 55 Years with Duvinage | 2020
Duvinage recognizes employee for his stellar years of service.

URI Today Showcases Duvinage Circular Stair | 2019
An inspiring three-level Duvinage circular stair is the centerpiece of the Fascitelli Center for Advanced Engineering at the University of Rhode Island at its opening.

How It's Made Features Duvinage Spiral Stairs | 2019
How It's Made Season 24 Episode 2 features Duvinage spiral stair fabrication on Science Channel. View on demand now!

Multiline Spiral Stair in Home & Design Magazine | 2018
Stunning Duvinage spiral stair with multiline rail featured in article on modern retreat in Home & Design Magazine, January/February 2018. Architecture: Jim Burton, AIA.

Vintage Duvinage Spiral Stairs on ABC's The Bachelor | 2018
The handsome vintage 1920s Duvinage spiral stair shown on the January 29, 2018 episode of The Bachelor is located at the Bonnet House Museum in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Red Birch / Steel Spiral Stair in Maine Home + Design | 2017
Gorgeous Duvinage spiral stair with red birch handrail and treads featured in article on classic contemporary New England home. Architecture: Lowe Associates.

Duvinage Stair Fabrication on Discovery Channel | 2017
The Duvinage stair produced during the spiral stairs segment of the Discovery Channel show is a custom spiral stair made from steel with wood treads and a wood handrail.

Duvinage Celebrates 120th Anniversary | 2015
Since 1895, Duvinage proudly continues its long tradition of designing and fabricating spiral stairs.

Duvinage wins ACG Maryland Deal of the Year Award | 2013
Awarded November 14, 2013.

Duvinage Grows New Jobs with City's Help | 2013
Duvinage expanded its business and product line with assistance from the City of Hagerstown.

Duvinage buys Ohio stair company | 2012
Duvinage acquired Sharon Stairs from Worthington Industries (NYSE Symbol: WOR).

Custom Glass Railing System in vmsd Magazine | 2010
The custom Duvinage glass railing system is a contemporary feature of the historic 1818 Federal-style townhouse with glass extension in SoHo. Architecture: L&M Associates, Ltd.

Duvinage on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition | 2010
Girls Hope House of Baltimore's renovation features a Duvinage spiral staircase on ABC's popular home improvement show.

Duvinage on Planet Green | 2008
Duvinage custom steel spiral stairs showcased in glass enclosure featured on Planet Green in the World's Greenest Homes series. Architecture: Travis Price Architects.

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