Circular Monumental Stair with Wood Balusters

Stair Rail Infill

Balusters, Multiline, Panel Rail, and Line Rail

From standard round balusters to square balusters to more intricate designs, we provide the right look for your stair. The top of every baluster is formed and milled to the exact degree, precisely fitting the rail curvature for a seamless look and solid connection. We space balusters to meet your code requirements and offer custom rail infill options.

Standard Balusters

»  Round 3/4 Inch Steel
»  Square 3/4 Inch Tube
»  Square 9/16 Inch Steel
»  Square 5/8 Inch Steel

Available Materials

»  Steel
»  Stainless Steel
»  Bronze & Brass
»  Aluminum
»  Cast Iron
»  Wood
Custom Balusters

»  Center Boss
»  Wavy Spindle
»  Single and Double Twists
»  Single and Double Knuckles
»  Single and Double Baskets
»  Twist with Single Basket
»  Square Hammered Bar
»  Alternating Patterns
»  Any Available Style
Custom Rail Infill

»  Horizontal Multi-line
»  Glass Panels
»  Solid Metal Panels
»  Wood Panel Frames
»  Perforated Panels
»  Wire Mesh Panels

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