Circular Monumental Stair with Wood Railing

Stair Railing

We offer a wide range of railing designs. Our metal rails are continuous and cold formed to the required curvature. Our spiral rails in red oak or other types of wood are skillfully crafted and sanded smooth, ready to be finished to match your flooring or decor.

Metal Rail Profiles

»  Round 1.25 OD Aluminum Rail
»  Round 1.3125 OD (1” Sch 40 Pipe)
»  Round 1.625 OD (1.25” Sch 40 Pipe)
»  Round 1.9 OD (1.5” Sch 40 Pipe)
»  Custom Metal Rail Designs

Wood Rail Profiles

»  Rounded Square 1.5 x 1.5
»  Rounded Rectangle 1.75 x 2
»  2" Round
»  Custom Wood Rail Profiles
Custom Rail Infill

»  Horizontal Multi-line
»  Glass Panels
»  Solid Metal Panels
»  Wood Panel Frames
»  Perforated Panels
»  Wire Mesh Panels

Note: Top Rail may serve as Handrail depending on its height and code standards. Otherwise, a Grab Rail is needed to serve as the Handrail. Schedule a free consultation.

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