Custom Stairs

Duvinage has worked closely with architects and designers, serving the AEC industry in residential and commercial projects for over a century. Let us know how we can help you - please Contact Us. See our Technical Specifications and CAD Drawings page for helpful resources.

Architectural Designs

Interior Stairs

From warm wood accents on curved stairs to complex double stringer helix designs, Duvinage designs and fabricates stairs to exacting specifications.

Exterior Stairs

Exterior stairs in galvanized steel, aluminum, and powder coat to withstand the elements. Tread designs include diamond plate steel and mahogany tread covers.

Spiral Stairs

From our most popular New Yorker design to the exquisite Miami, our custom spiral stair line is designed to impress.

Straight Stairs

Straight stairs that make bold architectural statements in residences and commercial buildings. Duvinage is the go-to company for world-class stair projects.