Circular and Monumental Stairs

Duvinage has been designing and fabricating fine circular and monumental stairs since 1895. Designed with architects in mind, our single and double stringer designs form to a perfect contour. Our steel treads receive marble, wood, carpet, terrazzo, tile, concrete, glass, and more. Custom curved railings in metal and wood are our specialty.

We provide full shop drawings and Professional Engineering calculations for your stair, letting you concentrate on the architectural beauty without the worry of structural concerns.

Duvinage stairs are in The White House, The Ritz Carlton, The National Gallery of Art, and fine homes across the country.

Circular and Monumental Stair Product Lines

Helix Staircases

Helixed stairs follow a graceful curve to make a stunning architectural statement. Whether double or single stringer, your helixed stair dream can be realized by our world-class engineering and fabrication team.

Double Stringer Staircases

Double-stringer stairs can appear to float, with an openness that impresses visitors while offering comfortable vertical ascent. Your project will be enhanced by the beauty that these stairs create.

Single Stringer Staircases

Single-stringer stairs provide even more of a floating effect, cantilevered on a single center box stringer that allows you to see the full tread profile. The sleek lines often showcase treads of marble, granite, and wood.

Need Spiral Stairs?

Ideal for saving space while making a statement. From custom to kit, Duvinage has designed and fabricated spiral and curved staircases since 1895.

Need Straight Stairs?

From Sharon Stairs Drop-in Stairs to custom Duvinage straight stairs and modular kits, we are a single point of contact for architects, GCs, and owners across the U.S.

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