Straight Stairs

Duvinage supplies a range of straight stair alternatives from kit stairs that can be installed by DIY customers over a weekend to elaborate custom single and double stringer designs for commercial projects, industrial projects and homes. One thing remains the same, the Duvinage quality and attention to detail!

Duvinage will fabricate any straight stair to your specifications with limitless tread and railing options!

Straight Stair Product Lines

Custom Straight Stairs

Custom stairs that make bold architectural statements in your residence or commercial building. Duvinage is the go to manufacturer for the most complex stair projects.

Sharon Stairs Drop-in Stairs

Pre-engineered, egress stairs from the industry leader. Sharon Stairs’ Drop-in Stair System is designed and fabricated to meet code requirements and enable efficient installation. Customizable with a range of tread and rail options.

The Composity Straight Staircase Kit

The visual interest of the Composity I/L-shaped stair kit is equal to its practicality. Wood treads, landing, and rail. Available in white/natural. Made in Italy.

The Mini Straight Staircase Kit

Designed to give vertical access in very tight spaces without compromising style, the Mini is an ideal modular stair kit. Available in white/natural. Made in Italy.

The Small Straight Staircase Kit

Is it possible to go smaller than the Mini? The Small says YES. This economical modular stair kit is for very tight spaces. Available in white/natural. Made in Italy.

Straight Stair Design Options


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